Best Men Haircut Styles 2024: Stay Trendy All Year

Best Men Haircut Styles 2024. Are you on the hunt for the latest hairstyles for men in 2024? The men’s hairstyle scene is always changing. It introduces new trends every year. Whether you’re into older styles or want something new, 2024 has it all. We’re here to guide you through the top 15 hairstyles for men this year. So, you can be the first to know and update your look.

Key Takeaways

  • GATSBY has identified 70 hairstyles set to be big hits in 2024, showcasing comprehensive analysis of men’s haircut trends.
  • The Modern Mullet and Center Part styles are expected to continue their popularity surge in 2024.
  • Buzz cuts and curly hairstyles are making a strong comeback, reflecting shifts in global styling preferences.
  • Versatile hairstyles like the Quiff and Textured Crop remain popular choices, especially among younger men.
  • Short, low-maintenance cuts appeal to those seeking accessible and effortless styling options.

The Modern Pompadour

The pompadour style is a classic that’s still going strong. In 2024, we’ll see new takes on it. They’ll have textured tops and faded sides. This will make the style more exciting.

This look works best for people with oval or square faces. Those with thick, straight hair will love it. It’s also great for medium to thick hair and hair that’s medium in length. Wear it to fancy events or at work.

Face Shape Recommendations

If you have an oval or square face, the pompadour is perfect. It’s because the style’s height and volume balance these shapes well.

Hair Type and Texture

For this style, your hair needs to be thick and straight. Enough volume is needed for the signature look. Medium to thick hair textures work best for a pompadour.

Hair Length and Occasion

The pompadour is great for many events. It’s especially good for medium-length hair. This includes events like formals or work.

Product Suggestions

To get the modern pompadour, use pomade or mousse. These products give the right hold and texture. They’re perfect for this style.

Create an image showcasing a man with a modern pompadour hairstyle. The hair on top should be slicked back and styled into a voluminous mound, while still maintaining a clean and polished appearance. The sides should be faded short, creating a sleek and sharp contrast to the fullness of the pompadour. Show the man with confidence and attitude, rocking this trendy hairstyle in a stylish outfit that complements his edgy vibe. Use bold colors and dynamic angles to capture the energy of this modern look.

Textured Crop

The textured crop is becoming more and more popular. It’s easy to care for and looks great. This haircut is short with a textured top. It gives off a casual and effortlessly cool vibe.

It suits people with oval or round faces. Also, it’s good for those with straight, thick, or wavy hair. If your hair is textured and coarse, this style is for you. It’s perfect for casual parties and clubs.

For styling, try sea salt spray or hair texturizing powder.

Face Shape Recommendations

This haircut works well for oval or round faces. The short cut with its textured top can make your face look nicely balanced.

Hair Type and Texture

The textured crop is a top pick for those with straight, thick, or wavy hair. The cut’s textured style goes hand in hand with these hair types. If your hair is coarse, even better! It adds to that effortlessly cool vibe.

Hair Length and Occasion

This cut is all about being short-length and cool. It’s the perfect look for casual places like parties and clubs. You’ll look great without much effort.

Product Suggestions

To nail that texturedcasual style, go for sea salt spray or texturizing powder. These products are key to making your hair look great. They bring out your hair’s natural look and movement.

Create an image of a man with a textured crop hairstyle. Show the hair cut short on the sides and back, with longer layers on top. Add natural-looking waves and texture to the hair to give it volume and movement. Use warm, natural lighting to highlight the texture and shine of the hair. Show the man looking confident and trendy, with a subtle smile and relaxed posture. Position him against a neutral background to keep the focus on the hairstyle.

Messy Quiff

Do you like your hair a bit messy? Then the messy quiff is perfect for you. It’s a mix of polished and casual. This makes it great for both special events and everyday wear. It looks good on people with oval, round, or square faces. It also fits any hair type, especially wavy and thick hair. This hairstyle works well for going out. You can use a volume mousse and a matte paste that provides a strong hold.

Face Shape Recommendations

If you have an oval, round, or square face, the messy quiff is a great choice. It works with many different face shapes, adding a style that fits well.

Hair Type and Texture

It goes with any hair type, but it’s best for wavy and thick hair. This lets the messy and polished parts match up nicely. It gives a cool, effortless look.

Hair Length and Occasion

This look is about medium length. It’s good for dressing up or keeping it casual. You can wear it to places like clubs or on dates. It’s a style that fits a lot of different situations for guys of today.

Product Suggestions

To style your hair into a messy quiff, you’ll need some products. Try using volume mousse and matte paste for a great texture and strong hold. This combo gives you the best of both worlds.

Create an image of a young man with a messy quiff hairstyle standing against a neutral background. The hair should be styled in a tousled manner, with locks of varying lengths and angles. The overall look should be effortlessly cool and edgy, with the hair appearing as if it was styled without too much thought or effort. Use contrasting light and shadow to emphasize the texture of the hair, and experiment with different angles to capture the full effect of this trendy style.

Mid-Length Waves

Embrace your natural texture with mid-length waves. This trend started in 2023 and is still going strong in 2024. It gives a laid-back, beachy vibe perfect for the modern man. It suits those with oval, round, or heart-shaped faces, naturally wavy or curly hair, and medium-length hair. You can wear this style at work or on a date.

Product Suggestions

For styling, try mousse and hair gel. They help define your natural texture while keeping a tidy look.

Create an image of a man with mid-length waves haircut looking confident and trendy. Emphasize the texture and movement of the waves in the hair. Use a color palette that reflects the vibrant energy of 2024. Show the man in a relaxed and comfortable environment, like a outdoor coffee shop or a modern office space. Put emphasis on his natural, effortless style.

Sleek Side Part

The classic side part gets a sleek update in 2024, making it look polished and refined. It’s perfect for those who want a sophisticated and classic look. The sleek side part fits with various hair types and faces. Especially good for oval or square faces, it suits straight or wavy hair that’s medium to long. You can wear it to work or to a wedding. To style it, use pomade or gel.

Face Shape Recommendations

This hairstyle is great for people with oval or square faces.

Hair Type and Texture

Guys with straight or wavy hair can pull off the sleek side part.

Hair Length and Occasion

Sleek side part fits best with hair that’s medium to long, and it’s good for work or special events.

Product Suggestions

For this look, you’ll want pomade or gel to style your hair just right.

Buzz Cut with Design

The buzz cut is not just for the daring. It’s a way to show off with cool designs and patterns. You can be as creative as you want, making your style stand out. It fits everyone and can adapt to different settings easily.

Face Shape Recommendations

This buzz cut with design works well with many face shapes. Shapes like square, oval, and round look good with it. It’s a good choice for guys who want something unique.

Hair Type and Texture

Got straight, wavy, or curly hair? No problem for the buzz cut with design. It works for all hair types. Plus, you can add cool patterns that make your hair look even better.

Hair Length and Occasion

This style is all about very short hair. Perfect for everyday, sports, or going out. It’s simple to manage and fits most situations and styles.

Product Suggestions

Keep your buzz cut with design looking sharp with matte wax or clay wax. These products help hold your style, add texture, and keep your patterns clear all day.

Best men haircut Styles 2024

Tapered Fade

The tapered fade combines a neat look with the ability to style differently. It’s a great choice for people with oval, square, or diamond faces. Any hair type and short to medium lengths work well with this style. It fits both work and casual looks. Use pomade, clay wax, or gel to keep it in shape.

Face Shape Recommendations

The tapered fade flatters faces that are oval, square, or diamond. It pairs a short back and sides with longer hair on top. This creates a nice balance.

Hair Type and Texture

It suits all hair types, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly. You can achieve a polished appearance no matter what your hair naturally looks like.

Hair Length and Occasion

It’s perfect for short to medium hair. This makes it ideal for work and casual times. You can easily make it more formal or relaxed.

Product Suggestions

For the tapered fade, use pomade, clay wax, or gel. These products are key for the polished and versatile style you want.

Curly High Top Fade

For guys with curly hair, the curly high top fade is a cool option. It makes them look stylish and stands out. This style shows off the curls on top. At the same time, it keeps the sides neat with a fade. This creates a bold and expressive look.

Face Shape Recommendations

This style works best for those with oval or square faces. It lets the natural curls beautifully frame the face.

Hair Type and Texture

Is your hair curly and thick? Then, this look is perfect for you. It enhances your curl pattern. It also makes a strong statement.

Hair Length and Occasion

It’s great for hair that’s short to medium in length. This style fits many occasions. From parties and clubs to just hanging out casually.

Product Suggestions

To keep your curls defined and your fade looking sharp, here’s what you need. Try mousse, hair gel, or creams made for defining curls.

Braided Styles

In 2024, many men like to rock braids. They come in cool, detailed designs. You can go with a single braid, cornrows, or mix different braiding techniques. Braids look great on all face shapes and hair types, especially if your hair is medium to long and coarse.

These styles are not just for everyday looks. They can also be perfect for weddings, festivals, or cultural events.

Today, there are many braided styles for men to choose from. This year, you might see lots of cornrow braids, as well as fancier designs like fishbone or zig-zag braids. If you have long hair, you can try French braids or a braided undercut. Short hair can rock cool styles too, like wavy cornrows or asymmetrical braids.

Braids are both stylish and practical for guys. Box braids are known for being strong and easy to care for. You can add extensions, colors, or beads to spice up your look. And you don’t have to spend too much time at the barber to keep them looking good.

There are so many braided styles to choose from in 2024. You could go for the classic look of cornrows, or something more complex. Feel free to mix braids with faded cuts too. The possibilities are endless. Use your hair to show off your sense of style and your culture. Make a statement with your braided hair.

Faded Faux Hawk

Give the classic faux hawk a fresh look with a faded style. The gradual fade on the sides makes it feel modern. This bold and eye-catching style works well for oval or square faces.

It also fits any hair type, straight or wavy, that’s short to medium length. Perfect for nights out or hanging with friends.

Product Suggestions

For the faded faux hawk, try using matte styling powder or clay wax. These products help get the style you want and keep it in place.


In 2024, there are many trendy hairstyles for men. These styles offer lots of choices. You can find what suits you best, whether it’s classic or bold.

Popular styles include the pompadour and the buzz cut. There’s also the faux hawk and the textured crop. Each one is unique, fitting different faces and hair textures.

To really pull off these looks, confidence is key. Have fun trying new styles. Your hairstyle should show who you are. It can help you stand out in the crowd. So, go ahead and make a stylish statement with your hair in 2024.


What are the top men’s hairstyle trends for 2024?

In 2024, the top men’s hairstyles are the modern pompadourtextured crop, and messy quiff. Also, consider mid-length waves, sleek side parts, and buzz cuts with unique designs. You will also see tapered fades, curly high top fades, and braided styles. Don’t forget about the popular faded faux hawks.

What face shapes work best for the modern pompadour?

The modern pompadour suits people with oval or square faces the best.

What hair types and textures suit the textured crop?

It’s great for oval or round faces with straight, thick, or wavy hair. Those with a rough, coarse hair texture will love it.

Can the messy quiff be worn for both formal and casual occasions?

Yes, the messy quiff is perfect for both formal and casual times. It blends polish with ease.

What product suggestions are recommended for the mid-length waves hairstyle?

Mid-length waves look good with mousse and hair gel to keep them in place.

What face shapes can pull off the sleek side part?

Sleek side parts are ideal for oval or square face shapes.

Can the buzz cut with design be worn for casual events and sports?

Absolutely, the buzz cut with special designs fits well for casual events, sports, and clubbing.

What hair types and textures suit the tapered fade with length on top?

The tapered fade style works for all hair types and textures. It’s very versatile.

What face shapes work best for the curly high top fade?

The curly high top fade is great for oval or square faces.

Can braided hairstyles be worn for weddings and festivals?

Yes, you can wear braids to weddings and festivals. They add a special cultural touch.

What face shapes and hair types are compatible with the faded faux hawk?

The faded faux hawk looks best on oval or square faces. It works with any hair type, short to medium length.

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