Men Summer Shorts: Stay Cool and Stylish This Season

When the summer heat kicks in, getting the perfect pair of men’s shorts is key. Our research found the Abercrombie All-Day ShortLevi’s 501 ’93 Denim Shorts, and the Ten Thousand Interval Short are top choices. They feature cool, breathable fabrics, moisture-wicking tech, and they’re versatile for any outfit.

It’s all about choosing the right men’s summer shorts. You should think about fit, length, and fabric. Look for shorts made of cottonlinen, or seersucker for breathability. Fabrics that keep you dry, like moisture-wicking materials, are important. The article also talks about the different styles, such as chino and denim, and how they can match different looks.

We also cover the best men’s shorts across a wide range. This includes athletic and gym shorts, as well as drawstring and designer options. We highlight what sets them apart, like their construction, fabrics, and unique style traits.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and seersucker for superior comfort in the summer heat.
  • Consider moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials for active pursuits and sweaty conditions.
  • Choose the right inseam length and fit to flatter your body type and personal style preferences.
  • Versatile chinolinen, and cargo shorts can be dressed up or down for a range of occasions.
  • Investment in high-quality, well-constructed men’s summer shorts can provide long-lasting comfort and style.

Introduction to Men’s Summer Shorts

As temperatures rise and the days get longermen’s summer shorts are a must. They keep you cool and let you show off your style in hot weather. You can find shorts made for comfort in casual settings or ones that look sharp for more dressed-up events.

The Importance of Staying Cool and Stylish

Staying cool in summer is key. The right pair of men’s casual wear shorts can help a lot. They make you look good while keeping you comfortable. Choosing lightweight summer fabrics and breathable shorts for men is a smart move. It means you can enjoy the sun and still look stylish.

Overview of Different Types of Summer Shorts

There are so many choices in the men’s summer shorts world. From classic chino shorts to cargo styles, you’ll find something you like. Linen, denim, or sporty looks – each type has its own perks. With the right pair of summer shorts, you can go from hanging out with friends to more serious events. You’ll always look good and feel comfortable all summer.

Show a pair of men’s summer shorts in a vibrant color, paired with a white tank top and sandals. The shorts should have a relaxed fit and a comfortable waistband, perfect for outdoor activities. Perhaps include a beach or pool in the background to emphasize the summer theme. Think about adding some subtle texture to the fabric of the shorts to give them a more realistic appearance.

Men Summer Shorts: Fabric Choices

Choosing the right fabric for men’s summer shorts means putting breathability first. Fabrics like cottonlinen, and seersucker top the list for keeping cool. They let air flow through and prevent overheating in the sun.

Breathable Fabrics: Cotton, Linen, and Seersucker

The top choice for summer shorts is cotton, says our first source. About 60% of shorts are made of this soft, breathable fabric. Linen comes next, making about 30% of the shorts. Its airy quality adds a touch of style to comfort.

Moisture-Wicking and Quick-Drying Fabrics

Our source also points out moisture-wicking and quick-drying are key. They stop sweat and sticky feelings when it’s hot or during activities. For these benefits, fabrics like polyester and nylon take up about 10% of the fabric market for shorts.

Our second source agrees that light, airy fabrics are perfect for the summer. They offer coolness without sacrificing style. The third highlights how these materials are vital for a summer wardrobe that’s both comfortable and trendy.

Fit and Inseam Length Considerations

Finding the Right Inseam Length for Your Body Type

Choosing the right men’s summer shorts means looking at the inseam length. For those 72 inches or shorter, 5-inch inseams work best. If you’re between 72 and 76 inches, try 7-inch inseams. Taller guys, 77 inches or more, should go for 9-inch inseams for the best fit.

Slim, Relaxed, or Baggy: Choosing the Right Fit

The fit of the shorts matters just as much as the length. Slim fit shorts give a sharp look. But if you have big thighs, relaxed or baggy shorts might be better.

Explore slim fit options from different brands to find your fit. Stores like Amazon and Bonobos have easy returns and often free shipping. This way, you can try different styles at home to see what suits you best.

If you can’t find the right fit, you can always hem or roll the shorts. You might also consider getting them tailored. A little loose is fine, but not more than a couple inches.

Best Overall: Abercrombie All-Day Short

The Abercrombie All-Day Short stands out as the top choice for men’s summer shorts, according to a trusted source. It features a flattering inseam and is very versatile. This means you can dress it up or down.

This short also has great performance, thanks to moisture-wicking fabric and a waistband that stretches. The cotton blend keeps you cool and dry, even on hot days. It has a slim, tailored fit and comes in eight colors.

If you’re looking for something reliable and affordable, this summer essential is perfect. It fits well in different scenes.

Versatile Styles: Chino, Linen, and Cargo Shorts

Men have many choices for summer shorts, each perfect for different styles and events. Chino shorts offer a stylish look. Linen shorts bring a breezy feel. And cargo shorts have plenty of pockets for practical use. Every guy can find the ideal pair for his summer look.

Chino Shorts for Casual and Dressy Occasions

Chino shorts can fit both relaxed and serious events. They look neat and can go from simple to fancier looks. This makes chino shorts for men great for many activities. Their cotton material looks refined, and colors from khaki to navy add style to any outfit.

Lightweight Linen Shorts for Breezy Comfort

Linen shorts for men are perfect for those wanting cool comfort. Their fabric is light and airy, giving off a relaxed vibe. This makes them great for both chill days and fun times under the sun. Linen keeps you refreshed, even when it’s really hot, making it the top choice for summer.

Practical Cargo Shorts with Extra Pockets

Cargo shorts for men mix style with use. Their extra pockets are handy for carrying stuff, like phones or keys. This makes them ideal for days out, whether in the city or nature. The design and function of cargo shorts make them a key part of summer wear.

Athletic and Gym Shorts

Choosing the right athletic shorts for men and gym shorts for men is key to staying active. These shorts use specialized moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. These materials keep you cool and comfy during exercise.

Moisture-Wicking and Breathable Fabrics

The top concern when picking workout shorts is lightweight, breathable material. Brands like Ten Thousand use special polyester blends designed for tough workouts. They pull sweat away, helping your body stay at the right temperature and avoiding the feel of wet clothes.

Compression and Support for Workouts

Gym shorts for men often include support and compression features to boost performance. For instance, the Ten Thousand Interval Short offers four-way stretch. It fits snugly to avoid movement issues during intense exercises. This support lowers injury risks and helps you stay focused.

Denim and Drawstring Shorts

As the weather warms up, men’s denim shorts and drawstring shorts are perfect for the casual summer look. Each type has its own benefits, making them great for different styles and needs.

Classic Denim Shorts for Casual Wear

The Levi’s 501 ’93 Denim Shorts are known for being stylish and comfy. They have a cool, lived-in look. Although denim isn’t the most breathable material, these summer shorts are essential in any guy’s wardrobe.

Comfortable Drawstring Shorts for Lounging

Drawstring shorts are a must-have for a chill, comfy vibe. They have a stretchy waistband and a laid-back look. Perfect for hanging out, doing chores, or just relaxing during the summer.

Men Summer Shorts: Style and Occasion

Men’s summer shorts are perfect for both casual and fancy times. They work well for all kinds of warm activities. To get the right look, it’s important to pick the style and fit carefully. This info comes from the first and second sources.

Casual Shorts for Everyday Wear

For regular days, go for comfy styles like chino, linen, or cargo shorts. These are perfect with t-shirts or polos. They are great for tasks, weekend trips, or relaxing.

Dressy Shorts for Semi-Formal Events

For fancier events, try slender, well-cut shorts. The Abercrombie All-Day Short or a stylish denim look good. Mix with nice shirts, blazers, and maybe smart shoes. They’re good for weddings, parties, or casual work settings.

The third source also talks about how flexible men’s summer shorts are. It’s crucial to choose the right one for the event and dress code. Knowing these styling tips help men to always look sharp. Whether you’re going for a relaxed or a formal look.

Accessorizing Men’s Summer Shorts

The main sources may not talk directly about adding things to men’s summer shorts. But, they hint that good shoes and extra items can make the outfit better. The Abercrombie All-Day Shorts look good with many casual footwear with men’s shorts. For instance, they go well with sneakers and boat shoes. This shows how picking the right shoes is important.

Footwear Choices: Sandals, Sneakers, and Boat Shoes

There are lots of shoes that go with men’s summer shorts. You can pick from canvas sneakers, boat shoes, espadrilles, penny loafers, and driving mocs. The trick is to select shoes that match the style and how formal the shorts are. It might be for something casual like the beach or a bit dressier.

Belts, Hats, and Other Accessories

Other sources talk about how you can mix and match men’s summer shorts with various accessories. For example, you can add belts and hats for men’s shorts, plus sunglasses and jewelry. These extras pull everything together, giving your outfit a unique touch and better overall look.

BeltsA well-chosen belt can add a polished touch to your men’s summer shorts look, whether it’s a sleek leather option or a more casual woven style.
HatsFrom sun hats to baseball caps, the right hat for men’s shorts can not only protect you from the sun but also enhance your overall summer style.
SunglassesPair your men’s summer shorts with a stylish pair of sunglasses for a cool, laid-back vibe that’s perfect for warm-weather adventures.
JewelrySubtle accessories like a leather bracelet or a pendant necklace can add a touch of personal flair to your men’s summer shorts ensemble.

Picking the right men’s summer shorts accessories carefully can level up your summer style. It helps you make a connected, cool look that shows off your own taste.

Caring for Your Summer Shorts

With summer around the corner, it’s time to focus on how to care for your men’s summer shorts. You must handle them with care to keep them looking good. Even though the labels might not have direct tips, there are some basics you can follow.

Washing and Drying Instructions

To maintain men’s summer shorts, always wash them in cold water. This should be done by hand or on a gentle cycle in the machine. Cold water helps keep the fabric nice and stops it from shrinking.

Drying your shorts is just as important. It’s best to let them air dry. Try to avoid using a hot dryer since it can harm the material. Hanging them to dry or laying them flat is ideal. This keeps the shape and prevents wrinkles.

Storing and Maintaining Summer Shorts

When shorts are not being worn, folding or hanging them is a good idea. It helps keep them smooth. Make sure to put them in a spot that’s cool and away from the sun. Sunlight and heat can make the colors fade.

Remember to always look at the care labels. By doing this, you’ll be sure to wash, dry, and store your shorts correctly. This will help keep your summer shorts in top condition.

Follow these easy steps for caring for men’s summer shorts. Include advice on washing and drying men’s shorts too. Plus, tips for storing men’s shorts.


Men’s summer shorts are a must-have for the hot months. They come in many styles, like different fabrics, fits, and lengths. You can choose from breathable cotton to quick-dry athletic wear. Each type has its own benefits.

The right summer shorts can be worn daily, at fancy events, or for sports. They make your summer outfits better and help you stay cool. This summary of men’s summer shorts guide shows why it’s important to pick the best style for your needs.

Try out various summer shorts to find what fits your style. This guide reminds us to look for shorts that are not just stylish but also comfortable. This way, you’ll look and feel great every day during summer.


What are the best men’s shorts for summer?

The best men’s shorts for summer include the Abercrombie All-Day Short, Levi’s 501 ’93 Denim Shorts, and Ten Thousand Interval Short. They are known for their breathable fabrics, moisture-wicking features, and versatile style.

What fabrics are best for men’s summer shorts?

Breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and seersucker are ideal for summer. Also, look for materials that wick away moisture and dry quickly to keep you cool and comfy.

How do I choose the right fit and inseam length for my men’s summer shorts?

For a flattering fit, aim for an inseam length of about 7 inches. Slim-fit shorts offer a more polished look, while a looser fit is great for a casual vibe.

What are the different types of men’s summer shorts?

There are chino, linen, cargo, denim, and athletic/gym shorts for summer. Each type has its own benefits, suited for various occasions and personal styles.

How can I style men’s summer shorts for different occasions?

For casual days, choose chino, linen, or cargo shorts. Opt for denim or the Abercrombie All-Day Short for a more dressed-up look at semi-formal events.

What accessories can I use to enhance my men’s summer shorts look?

Men Summer Shorts the right choice of footwear, belts, hats, and other accessories can level up your summer shorts outfit.

How do I care for my men’s summer shorts?

Men Summer Shorts wash your summer shorts in cold water and let them air dry. Always check the care label for the best care instructions to keep your shorts looking their best.

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